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A K Department short story

Beneath the snow-flecked streets of wartime Berlin, Nazi scientists race to obey Hitler’s orders – find every advantage, no matter the cost, no matter how inhuman. For new recruit Müller, the screams of their latest victim bring back terrible memories of the front line. Torn between duty and his own humanity, he fears for the fate of the poor damned thing on the experimentation table.


He doesn’t need to. Not now. Because it just broke loose.


Now, he only needs to fear for himself…

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A Novelette from K Department's "Lovecraft Archive"

Occupied Yugoslavia, 1943. In the midst of a beautiful and fertile valley, three German soldiers are dead...maybe worse than dead.


Oberleutnant Strebinger's mission is to find out how, but it seems everyone else has a different agenda - the local mayor, his ruthless local allies, and most of all the civilian sent from Berlin by the infamous Eckartstrasse. Together, they are drawn inexorably to the high mountain that casts a long shadow over a seemingly perfect village...

And when Strebinger learns the truth waiting for them, he'll wish he'd believed the lies...

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